Band Members


Vocals / lead guitar: Biff got into punk while reading about the Sex Pistols on his paper round before school, but didnít decide to play the guitar until he saw Nicky Garrat (UK Subs) play in Northampton at the Paddocks. Loves: beer/vodka, Motorhead, The Restarts, UK Subs, British Motorbikes, Walkers crisps Hates: work, politics, closing time, the big issue, house hold pets, his credit card! Also guitarist for The Varukers and has been in bands with Brian since school, Ex postman / farm worker / digger driver / woodsman / builder / fork lift truck driver / roadie / plasterer / tannery worker / gardener / delivery driver, but mainly on the dole!


Rhythm guitar / backing vocals: Tony is the long suffering organiser of SOTB. He loves gigging but is best given a wide birth after a few pints….especially if any ones been stupid enough to buy him any VODKA! On their first Euro tour he got so drunk he fell out of a tree, passed out & then puked all over himself, and he's the one who's supposed to be in charge! Not only is Tony good at organization, he has a big white van that he drives bands around in. He's also the one responsable for the 70,000 Sotb stickers that seem to be everywhere.


Bass guitar/backing vocals: Brian will drink almost anything, anywhere at anytime with almost anyone. He also thinks that he should not need a passport because as he said once "I'm fuckin uman en I" Brian used to play bass for The Varukers with Biff, and they also played together in a band called Death Sentence who had a track on the Motarhate comp 'We won't be your fucking poor', as well as playing bass for Venus Fly Trap and guitar for Crowman. Brian would love to know who stole his fucking jacket at Iggy's birthday bash in Nottingham so he can leather the bastard!


Drums: Skum by Name, Skum by Nature? Well, with his liking for dodgy Rock bands and his obsession for showing of his arse after a few shandys (although we think it might stop after a tour with Mad Andi). He’s not quite what we’re used to....for one, he can actually play the whole set without falling of his drum stool in a drunken mess! So as long as he hasn’t any plans to bring his c.d. collection on tour, he might last the distance? Oh yeah, he shaves his arse and he's been in a looney bin!!!!