YOU LIE! Lyrics/Music Smith

Do you believe in this country, Great and True, Do you believe the shit they sell to you, The truth is what I wanna know. CH. You lie! Your best friend told me that you lie! Your sister and your brother said you lie! Your mother and your father said you lie! Your whole fucking family said you lie! Do you believe in this country great and true, Do you believe a fucking word I say. CH. You lie! A song about mans inability to tell the truth, from politicians, church leaders to your friends and family and your lover! You lie!

EVERYWHERE Lyrics Smith/Blaber

See the cameras in the store, Can't nick from here no more. All your movements down on tape, TV hell no escape. CH. Everywhere you ever go they've got you recorded on their video, Everywhere you've ever been they've seen your face on their TV screen. From the cradle to the grave, Cameras spy; You behave! Sneaking out of my back door, You won't keep tabs on me no more. CH. Everywhere you etc. We seem to spend more and more time under surveillance, with people being herded together, in shopping centers, leisure complexes and industrial parks. It makes it very easy for THEM, to keep an eye on us; most major roads have cameras on them, they know where you where, when you were there, who you were with and what you were doing. Not good news!

ARTIFICIAL Music Smith/Ansell Lyrics Smith

You can't see me, You can't hear me, You don't know me, You can't feel me. CH. I'm artificial. You're looking at me, Well I'm not real, There's nothing to touch, and nothing to feel. A river of lies, flows from my mouth, If I tell you north, I really mean south. CH. I'm artificial. This is about my own inability to tell the truth.

JUST SEX Lyrics/Music Smith

No strings attached, no wedding rings, No semi detached, no kids or things, No mortgage arrears, no heavy debts, No Ford Sierra and no household pets. CH. Look out girl here I come. Just sex. No lies to tell, no excuse to make, No finding out, about a double date, No breaking up, no equal cut, No divorce proceedings, just a dirty slut. CH. Look out girl . . . Self explanatory really, no love, no feelings, just tits, bums, cocks, fannies, balls, tongues, root vegetables and inanimate household objects.

WHERE DID I GO WRONG? Lyrics/Music Smith

Well everything I do just ends in a mess, It always happens, and I couldn't care a less. But it's being going on for far too long, I can't seem to separate right from wrong! CH. Where did I go wrong. You're supposed to grow out of your childish ways, But I'm getting worse day by day, I'm living my life in a constant state, A state of paranoia, it just ain't right. CH. Where did I go wrong. I'm not really sure whether it's me who's wrong; or the rest of the fucking world! Something's not right!

NEED YOUR LOVE Lyrics/Music Smith

I'm a man who's as cold as ice, got no heart to tear apart, no emotions to bring me down, just out for what I can get, we go out and have a real good time, and you want to keep a part of me. You say you love me, well I don't mind, it's just three words to me! CH. Need your love, keep your love. I'm a man, but no Romeo so keep what your giving to me, don't want no Juliet, I just wanna be free, we go out and have a real bad time and your always on my back, you say you hate me, but I don't mind, it don't mean nothing to me. CH. Need your love, keep your love. This is about when you don't wanna go out with your partner anymore; but you still want sex with them. A difficult subject broached at the best of times!

WAKE UP Music Smith/Ansell Lyrics Smith

How did I get in this state? Can't seem to concentrate. Eyes red, brain dead, legs don't work. Can't get out of bed. It's no good just can't cope, sliding down the slippery slope, Head gone, girl gone, straight jacket won't be long. CH. Is this true is this real, or am I dreaming? 4 a.m. soaked in sweat, I wake up screaming! Is this heaven or is this hell, comfy in my cushioned cell, nice jacket but where's the pants, run away given half the chance, Here I am strapped in this chair, shaved my legs, shaved my hair, K-Y jelly on my head, 30 seconds, I'll be dead. CH. Is this true . . . A song about going OTT with mind bending substances. Fun for all the family!

NEW LIFE Lyrics/Music Smith

New life tired of this way of living, New life too much taking and not giving, New life no need for your religion the kind of place, you know what I'm talking about! New town living behind barbed wire, New town the place is a complete disaster, New town yeah rotten to the core, Always oppression and restrictions. New girl her face is so refreshing, New girl different from the rest, New girl in need of my loving, She's beautiful, she's irresistible New world let's throw away the planet, New world and the people who try to run it, New world yeah make my day, Throw away this urban decay. The fabric that our society is based on is rotten to the core, it's about time we had a clean start.

BE LIKE ME Lyrics Smith/Eales Music Smith

You're a mess, you must confess, The state of your hair, and the way that you dress, You're stand there waiting, hesitating, You never make the move, your always contemplating. CH. Be like me, Nobody's fool! Your the fool, you use the rules, You might wake up, and start to live someday, So decide, don't run and hide, you might as well die, and see, If you can start again. CH. Be like me, Nobody's fool! Don't conform, do what you want; not what you're told. Make you own rules, you brain dead fuckers!

RICH BITCH Lyrics/Music Smith

Saw you baby in a pub last night, You said I wouldn't be yours, cos I didn't look right, With long dark hair, and ripped up jeans, You said hey man, you just ain't my scene. CH. Rich bitch gonna make you mine! High heels and a long red dress, You drink champagne, with such finesse, But pretty soon you'll be on your knees, begging me please. CH. Rich bitch gonna make you mine! Saw me baby in a pub last night, You said I'm yours, cos I looked right, Well I kept my hair and I kept my jeans, and you're the bitch who's on your knees. CH. Rich bitch gonna make you mine! This song is really about how rich people think their shit doesn't stink, just because you weren't born with a silver spoon in your mouth, doesn't mean, you shouldn't have the best, you have as much right to be on this planet as anyone else. (Or is it about a girl I wanted to get off with, down the Bell at Addington).

BE ALONE Music Smith/Ansell Lyrics Smith

I don't like you, never will do, Sit in my bedroom, and drink from a bottle, Put on the stereo, don't want the radio, Put on a record from '77. CH. Now I wanna be alone. We're here again, and nothing's happening, Stare at the four walls, stare at the ceiling, Some crazy ritual we have to go through, Your conversation Mind numbingly boring. CH. Now I wanna be alone. This song is about sitting on a box in my bedroom, drinking beer, listening to my records and seeing my girlfriend, coming up the hill and thinking . . . fucking hell . . . not again.

BRAIN DEAD Lyrics/Music Smith

You walk around with nothing in your head, like a stretcher case you're brain dead. No one seems to care what you do, No one cares, least of all, you. CH. You're brain dead! Lights are on, but no ones at home, by yourself, you're always alone, you go to work from nine to five, better check your pulse, see if your alive. CH. You're brain dead! Mindless millions believe everything they read in the paper and everything they see on the television set. Get off your fat arses and wake up to what's going on.

I HATE YOU Lyrics/Music Smith

I don't care about you, The things you say, and the things you do. All you ever do is moan, so just fuck off, leave me alone. CH. I hate you. Had enough of your boring ways, days with you are dull days, all you ever do is moan, so don't you call me on the phone. CH. I hate you. A song about the girl walking up the hill.

LET'S DANCE Lyrics Smith/Eales Music Smith

Come on little lady, I've got my eye on you, Let's get into some movement, Let's have a dance or two. CH. Well let's dance, Put on your dancing shoes, C'mon little lady, let's shake it to the rhythm, let's shake to the rhythm let's boogie. We've got the wheels 'a turning, Pick up a beer or two, yeah! We're going out now, we'll send a postcard to you. We only look for a good time, Sick of the same old sounds, Why don't you try to listen? We ain't doing nothing wrong! CH. Well let's dance, Put on your dancing shoes, C'mon little lady, let's shake it to the rhythm, let's shake to the rhythm let's boogie. Not just about dancing, It's about not being afraid to have a good time.

LAW AND ORDER Lyrics/Music Smith

Go out at night, for a drink, Fucking hooligan, is what they think, And you know it won't be long, Before you're accused of doing wrong. CH. Law and order up your arse. Have a good time, they think it's a crime, have too much, you'll spend some time. They can't wait, to get you nicked, In a cell counting bricks. CH. Law and order up your arse. I wrote this song when I was 16 because I hated the pigs for pushing me around. Still do bastards!


Set fire to someone in authority. An amusing way of dealing with the pigs, traffic wardens, teachers, parents, judges, probation officers, government officials, and any fucker else who thinks they have the right to tell you what to do. Die you bastards!